Santa Cruz County Community Development Department

  • Airport - Overseeing airport development
  • Building Department - Building permits, plan review and building code enforcement
  • GIS - Maps and addressing
  • Planning and Zoning - Land use planning, zoning, development plan approvals and zoning code enforcement

Our goal is to provide the highest quality professional planning services to assist with the development of safe, functional, sustainable, and healthy public and private commercial and residential projects

Comprehensive Plan


Santa Cruz County is its environment, people, and history...

Our vision emphasizes the distinctive character of each of our communities and protects our environment and cultural heritage

Through careful management Santa Cruz County is a place where:

  • Growth is accommodated in a manner that preserves our sense of community and protects and enhances our quality of life
  • Natural resources, energy and water are sustained
  • Cultural heritage is an integral part of the environment
  • Differing lifestyles, development patterns, economic activities, and mobility options mesh together, providing benefits for people living, working and visiting here

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